Clinical Hypnosis

“What you habitually think largely determines what you will ultimately become.”
– Bruce Lee


Yes, Hypnosis! Often misconstrued by the media and distorted by the entertainment industry, hypnosis is probably THE most misunderstood clinical tool. Clinical hypnosis is a focused state of attention where the body feels fully relaxed, but the mind is awake. Non-invasive and a natural process, clinical hypnosis is a well-researched and effective tool for dealing with many mental health and medical issues.

Clinical hypnosis or hypnotherapy can improve your health and well-being by helping you relax and focus your mind.*. It’s useful for dealing with acute and chronic pain, fatigue, medical procedure anxiety, medical treatment side effects like nausea, fears, phobias, test-taking anxiety, insomnia, performance improvement, and more.

As a therapist trained by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, I will help you harness your subconscious mind’s power to change habits, behaviors, and thought patterns, decrease stress, stimulate motivation, or gain insight into your life experiences.

Being in a hypnotic state is not uncommon.

Did you know we go in and out of hypnosis throughout the day? You’ve experienced a hypnotic state without knowing because you haven’t learned about it.

For instance, have you ever found yourself so absorbed in thought while driving your car, reading a book, or watching TV that you’ve “zoned out” and not noticed what was happening around you? Maybe you didn’t hear someone asking you a question or suddenly realized you’d pulled into your driveway without noticing which streets you took home.

Athletes or artists will say they are “in the zone” in this state.

All these examples indicate that the unconscious mind has taken over – you have become fully absorbed in your thoughts, and your actions have become automatic.

Does hypnosis work virtually?

Yes! Hypnosis is an audio-based modality. You only need to close your eyes and listen.

What is a hypnosis session like? First, we plan based on your goals and values. Second, we work together to activate the parasympathetic nervous system via breathwork, muscle relaxation, and visualization. It feels so great to slow down!

Third, you use your imagination to bring about helpful or healthy changes via a therapeutic idea or suggestion I make while you’re relaxed and focused. In this state of concentrated attention, the effect of the idea or suggestion on your mind is more powerful – meaning that you’re likely to take the helpful idea seriously and act on it in the future. Hypnosis can help you reach your goals faster.

Hypnosis can also help quiet your mind. This quieting of the mind may allow you to uncover useful information from your past or your subconscious because you can remember better and look more deeply at how you think when you’re more relaxed. This thinking can help make our work together more effective in a shorter time.*

What does it feel like?

Hypnosis is very comfortable, peaceful, and pleasant. Your body is very relaxed while your mind is aware. Most people feel rejuvenated and refreshed afterward.

How helpful is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is sometimes combined with other treatments to help with physical and mental health concerns.

Some of these concerns include the following:

Depression and anxiety 


Trauma (physical or emotional)

Sleep issues

High Blood Pressure

Digestive issues and nausea (IBS)

Hot flashes (menopause + cancer treatment)

Test prep/test taking

Athletic performance

Public speaking


Fear of flying and other phobias

These are just a few examples. If you are wondering about other health concerns, it is worth contacting me for a free consultation.

Are there any risks to hypnosis?

Hypnosis is very safe in the hands of a trained provider. However, you should not receive hypnotic therapy if you have a severe mental illness.

Side effects of hypnosis are rare and can include things like feeling sleepy or dizzy.

Before deciding if hypnosis is right for you, checking with your healthcare team is always a good idea.

If you have concerns or questions, contact me at (512) 766-5695 for a free consultation.

What is the financial investment?

Individual hypnosis sessions are $220 and are 75-90 minutes long.

I offer the following clinical hypnosis packages or can create a package for you based on your goals. Please call (512) 766-5695 for pricing.

Relief and Renewal: Chronic Pain Management, 4-week package

Restful Night’s Sleep: CBT-I + Hypnosis, 8-week package

Focus Forward: Integrative ADHD Therapy and Coaching, 8-week package (talk therapy, CBT, coaching, hypnosis + project accountability)

Calm Mind Initiative: Test Taking Anxiety (ages 16+, SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, + licensing exams), 4-week package

All packages include structured sessions including in-depth consultation, a detailed description of how hypnotherapy works with your issue, customized full-length hypnosis sessions, self-hypnosis instruction, weekly post-hypnosis check-ins, tools and strategies for managing pain, sleep, focus, or anxiety, worksheets, exercises, and audio recordings to help you implement what you’ve learned.

It only takes a phone call to begin.

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