Therapy for Adults

Life isn’t how you envisioned.

Each week has twists and turns – many unexpected, unwanted, and undeserved.

You’re left feeling unsatisfied, frustrated, and unsure. Anxiety and sadness are giving way to exhaustion. Your body is starting to sound the alarm. Meanwhile, time seems to be slipping away from you.

A new self-help book, an online course you’ll never get around to watching, an abandoned meditation practice, you’re trying to fix things.

Self-medication isn’t cutting it; hiding your vulnerabilities makes things worse.

Fortunately, you have a choice!

By choosing therapy, you take control of your life. Therapy provides you with a journey to self-discovery, personal growth, and healing begins now.

Within every obstacle lies the potential for positive change. I can help you gain insight into what’s going wrong, strengthen your coping skills, and support you as you lean into your relationships more wholeheartedly.

You deserve to feel better.

There’s a path forward.

Together, we’ll learn what’s been holding you back. We’ll sort through the pain, anxiety, and confusion. Our talking time will help you understand the connection between your past and present.

We’ll discover what’s making you anxious or depressed and repair it. You also will become equipped with tools to help you stay grounded, find relief, and move forward.

You’ll get back to your personal goals, creative outlets, and a sense of purpose through therapy.

Let me join you on this journey.

Let’s work to help you find the life you envision. You don’t have to manage the dissatisfaction, frustration, and uncertainty alone.

Here, you’re not just another client. In this space, we celebrate your individuality. You’ll find no judgment, only empathy. Throughout our journey, your values and goals will guide our work.

You can become more present, gain clarity, and be calm. And life will begin to make sense again.

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