Online Therapy

Excuses abound for not seeking therapy.

Some say, “I’m too busy.” “I don’t want to make the commute.”

Others are afraid of what people might think about seeking therapy. A common concern is, “What if I see someone I know?”

Perhaps you would like to seek therapy. But you think, “There isn’t a therapist in my community.”

Online therapy eliminates the excuses.

Telehealth is flexible and convenient.

Online therapy saves time. Working online allows you to prioritize, allowing therapy to fit into your schedule easily. With telehealth (online therapy), there’s no extra drive time.

You don’t have to worry about someone you know seeing you at a therapist’s office.

Working online is easy and safe to navigate.

I can work with clients anywhere in Texas, New York, or Idaho through telehealth.

If you have 50-75 minutes, a phone or computer with a camera + the Internet, we can meet in the comfort of your home, on your lunch break, or in your parked car between running errands. Make sure to pick a place that is private and free from interruption.

Don’t worry about security because I use an online platform that is HIPAA compliant to ensure the protection of your privacy. It’s a bit like Zoom or Facetime but with more security.

Once we set a time, you will receive an invitation to connect, and our session will begin.

Telehealth works!

The great news about telehealth is that it is as effective as other in-person therapeutic modalities. More than 60 studies have found that virtual therapy is as effective as in-person sessions for most people with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.*

Telehealth appointments are great because they make therapy accessible to those limited by location, schedule, medical condition, or mental health symptoms.

It only takes a phone call to begin. I’m happy to answer your questions during your free consultation: (512) 766-5695.

* Resource: Is Online Therapy Right for You?