Therapy for Parents

Your kiddo is struggling.

It’s painful to watch. When your child can’t get it right, they get frustrated and pull away from you.

You see them struggling with their peers, maybe even being bullied by them. Or they’re the one lashing out at others.

Either way, what you imagined about parenting is not what you’re living.

You’ve tried everything.

You feel like a broken record. Walking on eggshells, and you’re not sure what to say anymore. Any suggestion prompts a blow-up. There’s always some fire to put out, and sometimes it’s hard to be empathetic.

It’s painful to talk to your friends whose kids are doing well, and only those who have gone through this can understand. You’re stressed, angry, sad, and hopeless.

Solutions are difficult to find, making you feel physically and mentally exhausted and unsure about what to do next.

Imagine living without worry.

As a mother of two, I intimately know the struggle of helping children navigate challenges and regulate their emotions while regulating my own. Having that extra support can make a real difference.

Supporting our kids begins with managing our own anxiety and fears. Learning strategies to tame tantrums – no matter what age – and setting limits that work will help you remain calm and in control.

Feel more capable and connected through parent counseling.

We’ll establish a clear path forward via mindfulness, renewed parenting, and new coping skills.

Our work will help you feel secure, manage conflict, and communicate with your child with mutual respect, clarity, and affection.

You’ll learn to adjust your expectations to the skills of your child. You’ll also learn to differentiate between what you need and what your child needs according to their developmental age.

Enjoy spending time together. Feel more attuned. Be a loving family again.

Call (512) 766-5695 and schedule your free consultation to discuss your needs. I am here to help you help your child.